4 Impact Wrenches That Are Always a Great Investment

untitled228There are tons of impact wrenches brands and models to choose from, but as the impact wrenches are one-time investment for many families, it is smart to look for the best possible options in order to make smart and cost effective decision. Below we will include the top cordless impact reviews with brands, price, volts, amp-hours and similar features. We hope you can pick the best one for you and your family.

Bosch (Model: IWBH182-01L)

This model is produced by the globally popular German electronics company Bosch. Priced at somewhere around $300 depending where you buy it, the IWBH182-01L is a safe choice. With 18 volts and ability to achieve 3/4 –inch nut of somewhere around 3 seconds, this impact wrench will offer quality and versatility. Its weight is perfectly optimized, making it easy to handle. It is a powerful, compact and quality impact wrench, another small master-piece by Bosch.

Ingersoll Rand (Model: W7150-K2)

Ingersoll Rand already has some other successful models, but W7150-K2 is one of their gems. They are one of the first manufactures that produced battery operated wrenches. The American industrial giant, produced a model that is similar to the best industry standards and much in line with the features of the rest of the models. The W7150-K2 features 20 volts, 3 amp-hours and 0.5 second 3/inch nut. However, it comes a bit pricey at somewhere around $400-450. Buying an impact wrench from Ingersoll Rand is always a great investment and the W7150-K2 lives up to its expectations.

Craftsman (Model: ID2030K)

Craftsman is a smaller company and less popular brand than the previous two we already mentioned. However, this doesn’t mean that the ID2030K can’t offer quality and powerful performance. It features similar 19.2 volts, 4 amp-hours and 2.98 second ¾ inch nut. What differs this impact wrench from the other ones in this list is the price. It is the most affordable, and probably it offers the best value for money. It has some small flaws, but the price and the lovely nonslip rubber on the handle will make the control excellent and smooth. You can get this great Craftsman impact wrench for somewhere around $160.

DeWalt (Model: DCF899P1)

The purpose of this list is not to pick one wrench and pronounce it as the best one. All wrenches included on this list are great. However, if we need to pick one that we recommend, then the DCF899P1 produced by DeWalt is our pick. Why? There are 3 settings for speed, the grip is amazing, the quality is outstanding and the price is affordable. DeWalt are also known for the durability and quality of their products, so the DCF899P1 is indeed one of the best products on this list. With 20 volts, 5 amp-hours and 0.5 second 3/4-inch nut, this impact wrench simply has everything you may need in an impact wrench.

The purpose of this list is to give you different and relevant ideas for buying, and we can assure you that picking any of these models is not a mistake!

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